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"For in the few of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."

As the name suggest, Talia means "dew" in Hebrew. Taking inspiration from the importance of dew in the ancient near eastern agriculture where the climate was hot and dry, dew was the only source of moisture to kept vegetation alive during drought and heat.

Dew speaks of favour, life and resurrection of dreams. In hope, one took time off from pursuing a career that didn't quite feed the soul, to rekindle with lost dreams and passion. "Talia" birthed from this dry season of self-discovery and became a source of motivation to keep going.

Browsing through the collection, the crystals used in every jewellery pieces are reminders of dews in life which sustain us through the dry season, calling forth a sense of thankfulness to the Source of life.

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Germaine Eliza enjoys having Talia as her creative space for her imagination to run wild. Crafting is an expression that allows her to fully convey thoughts and ideas without linguistic boundaries. Her works are mostly inspired by nature as she is always in awe of its everlasting beauty through seasons.

Germaine enjoys crafting since young. Her venture into the bridal scene started when she was preparing for her wedding and was unable to find a suitable bridal hairpiece - a sparkly tiara she imagined since young. Since she could not find it in the market, she decided to create one that was uniquely hers.

She believes that all brides deserve some sparkles on their special day.

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